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Nuria Martinez &

Armando Orzuza

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Web Store

Rosso Latino With a 20 years experience, Marco and Cristina Cipolletti make shoes on behalf of the most known brands of "made in Italy". But Passion begins 4 generations before. Since that moment on, professional experience and complete devotion have led the Family Business to become a real diamond set in the very heart of Italy: Marche. Here find its settlement the most important and appreciated pole of footwear manifacturing. Step by Step, You learn dancing It's not just passion for their own business that moves the unceasing Cipollettis. The environment in which they create and make their shoes generates passion for life and everything is permeated by passion itself: dancing, for instance. Since ever, Cristina is enthusiastic with dancing and her enthusiasm captured the attention of all the family. In order to maintain a very high standard of quality of their shoes, Marco and Cristina gave birth to an accurate case study, commissioned to one of the most serious and popular Agencies operating in the field of dance. An ambitious project that has been calculated in the minimal details: Rosso Latino. Here's born the project Rosso Latino. Cristina co-ordinates the Style Branch and keeps in strict contact with the over 30 among teachers and dancers whom since the beginning has been given the responsibility to test every single pair of shoes with a huge care and professional attention. Marco chose to follow and daily check the entire assembly-line and to live in close quarters with the labour-force that also helps him in the meticulous management of logistics. From Makers to the shop-window The delivery service to retailers and the Europe-wide numerous agents is very efficacious and fast and is more and more branching out. "Made in Italy" certificated: couldn't be otherwise! Last but of extreme importance: the passion of Cipollettis


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